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Where Service Matters Most; PEACE of Mind” walking the talk

Customer support has evolved a lot over the years; coming all the way from just a phone and an email address to include “Social Media Managers” who ensure that Twitter, Facebook and its ilk are satisfied as well. Businesses are no longer satisfied with just helping customers. Even your customers are no longer satisfied with just being satisfied.

At the end of the day there are dozens of different types of metrics business can use to measure the satisfaction of their customers. TABIBI 24/7 is a community of medical revolutionaries who try to simplify things down as much as possible. At TABIBI 24/7 the customer service metric that matters the most is the number of customers that LOVE our service and product.

TABIBI 24/7 pays close attention to its Net Promoter Score (NPS), calculated on a 10-point scale using responses to a single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend Tabibi247 service to a friend or colleague?”

This NPS question is powerful because if something is meaningful enough for someone to refer it to someone else, then it shows that they have had a positive experience.

NPS responses fall into three categories:

  • Promoters. These customers have the highest rates of repurchase and referral. They give ratings of nine or 10 to the question.
  • Passives. These customers give ratings of seven or eight.
  • Detractors. These customers give a score from zero to six.

“When customers rate a company high on the scale, they are acting as references and putting their own reputations on the line,”

Standing strong behind the NPS is Dr. Khalil Abdel Khalik, TABIBI 24/7 CEO, who describes;

“Promoters are the back bone and thermometer check who stand behind TABIBI 24/7 Services and often serve as champions for the brand. Promoters, in his words, are loyal enthusiasts who will keep coming back and refer others, fueling growth of TABIBI 24/7.

Although members in the Passive group may be satisfied at a given time, they are labeled as an unenthusiastic group that is vulnerable to competitive offerings. “They may be happy at one moment because you fulfill a need, but they don’t have a real connection to your service or company,” Khalil says.

Even though detractors may have been with a company for a while, they may score it low if something disappointed them recently. Dr.Khalil describes detractors as unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.” Yet a very important group to understand How you can improve and serve better. Hug Your Detractors is the way to go.

How TABIBI 24/7 grows its NPS & positive community reviews

“We’ve taken everything that healthcare typically does [when it comes to patient satisfaction and patient experience] and thrown it out the window.”

TABIBI 24/7 adapts a complete transition away from a typical healthcare experience. Our NPS score and patient experience comes from the whole package. Before patients are even done checking in our clinics, or calling our hotline for a home visit or a nursing service somebody is greeting them with compassion. We’re aware that a majority of the people we see are probably having a bad day, so it’s important to set that initial tone very high, even when people first walk in or call us for an appointment or consultation.

TABIBI 24/7 mission is to break the norms of medical care, from unneeded long emergency room wait times (and the associated large bills) to the growing difficulty of actually finding or booking an appointment, there was a mounting frustration in the healthcare space.  Ultimately, this gap led to a rise in what we now call “personal care”, with an emphasis on providing a better patient experience.

We streamlined the process by training and empowering our agents, doctors and even back office, on both the care and administrative side, to lead the NPS program and really hone in on not just the bad experiences, but also to celebrate the wins. It was spreading the word about our promoters that got everybody in our team excited.

As part of our workflow process, we follow consistent survey practices. Patients are contacted by one of our agents and at many times by our CEO to ask about their experience within 24 hours of their visit via email or a direct phone call. If we do not receive a response within 36 hours, we send out a secondary email reminder, which has led to improved response rates and higher retention within our patient base.

On the occasion where a customer gives us a score less than 7, we ask them to elaborate further. To resolve issues we immediately raise a CIP (Continuous Improvement Process).

As our service performance is so important to us as a business, the overall NPS and CIP’s are discussed, daily and at our monthly KPI management meetings with particular attention being paid to any low scores, assessing how corrective actions taken resolved the issue and how quickly it was resolved to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

The continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction, as outlined above is critical to our mission of ‘being seen by our customers as Peace of mind, providers in healthcare. It provides us with extremely valuable feedback and customer insight while at the same time ensuring that any problem issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.


AT TABIBI 24/7 everyone stands behind the notion that the final Net Promoter Score of any company strongly depends on a context in which the satisfaction is measured.

Consider an example: If TABIBI 24 sends out NPS surveys immediately after the service or products are provided, we would are tracking our customers’ initial excitement and the checkout experience.

On the other hand, our surveys’ and customer follow up extends days and even few weeks after the experience, because we are interested in  tracking how satisfied our customers are and how much they actually love use for the true value we were able to provide them “ Peace of Mind.”.