Is your kid an opinion leader or a people-pleaser? | Parenting and child behavior workshop for mothers and fathers

Parenting workshop for mothers and fathers. Is your kid an opinion leader or a people pleaser?

The first interactive parenting workshop in Egypt brought to you by Rahet Bally might be your ultimate look book! Find the best parenting styles and practices for you and your kid’s personality.

First interactive parenting workshop in Egypt for mothers and fathers
Tabibi and Rahet Bally’s interactive parenting workshop by Mrs. Alia El Abd

Why do kids pull off the loudest and most professional temper tantrum at the worst time? Why do they start screaming and kicking like they’re performing onstage? What happened to your kids’ sparkle that made them look demotivated? Get all those questions answered and more at Psychologist Mrs. Alia’s parenting workshop “Child whispering”. Egypt’s first interactive parenting workshop. You can also find valuable tips in this article, which focuses on the relation between parents and their toddlers and preteens. Here is what you should expect from the ultimate child behavior and parenthood workshop;

Is there a “children menu” to choose from?

Parenting mistake

How many times do you wonder if your child’s talent in art will make them a Picasso? Or if their melodic voice will create a Taylor Swift! You might have wondered a lot. Or do you muse over a child that looks typically like you? It is quite common that parents apply the same methods used for their own previous upbringing with their children nowadays. It seems like this ideology proves itself unsuccessful. Take a look at the gap between generations and the potential difference in character between parents and child. We tend to wish that our children would grow just like us or even better. On the other hand awareness of their own dynamics and offering them opportunities based on their own characteristic needs is essential. Thus harnessing the best version of our children should be every parent’s goal.

Setting parenting benchmarks VS. child psychology

First of all when raising children, psychology and context contribute more than just replicating one’s own journey. Some methods may sound logical, and are rather aligned with the parents’ way of thinking. Says Mrs. Alia El Abd, editor of the Child Whispering parenting series and certified behavioral psychologist at New Giza schools and clinical psychologist of Tabibi 24/7. For a example a person who is overweight may be suffering because food is passion. While an athletic person finds no sense in not being able to lose weight. So it’s about perception. In addition parents usually fall into setting benchmarks such as:

  1. What worked with them when they were young
  2. What worked with their siblings or relatives
  3. Avoiding something that could have been better with the child.

So the child’s nature can be similar to their grandparents rather than their own parents. We must acknowledge that the child’s nature is not solely based on genetic factors. It depends on various other elements too. So when we work on character building with the children many different aspects should be considered.

At the Child Whispering workshop

First interactive parenting styles workshop in Egypt for mothers and fathers

“The parenting basics workshop doesn’t simply hand you the magic wand to master parenting. It takes weeks and months to apply the massive knowledge that parents collect in this workshop”. Commented Mrs. Alia.

That’s why the 3-hour session is based on real life cases and parent interaction rather than Mrs Alia just speaking. The workshop also helps parents to understand their children’s personality types in highly interactive “circles of trust” and role-playing activities. The children will be placed in a most likely personality category. It is very important to know that such categories do not indicate an exact course of action to use. Children are lovely diverse humans, not machines with user manuals! So there has to be a degree of understanding between parent and kid rather than just following parenting tools. Such tools do not usually work with all parents. Nonetheless Mrs. Alia then offers a parental intervention plan to each parent at the workshop. This is to help them get closer to their child’s nature and handle their behaviors.

Finally the first session of the Child Whispering workshop started on Saturday 9th December. So there will also be upcoming sessions and your kids can enjoy their time with the amazing Setio sitters while you attend the workshop. Register early for the upcoming round by calling 16724.

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